About KCMS
About KC Motorsport
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Tried little electric one’s going round and round We moved to Little one’s on a circuit….. Karts Great fun and great success.... Now we’re doing it with big ones on a big circuit…. BMW Compacts Scottish Champions in 2015 The only Scottish team in the 2016 British BMW Race Days Compact Cup Pits! in 2017 and 18 we supported the Junior Saloon Car Championship 5 yes Five time British Compact Champions 2019 Class Champions at the Race of Rememberance But we are still Learning Every Day… And Getting EVEN Better ………… Why not join the family?
Based Just Outside Edinburgh Available Across the UK and Europe
We’ve put a Pensioner on the podium Had a School Boy leading a UK championship Set unbroken records for consecutive race wins and championship wins What could we do for you?