Paul Dailly - Team Manager
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Escort MK1 RS1800
My Favorite‘s Stirling Moss Team Manager South of Edinburgh Scotland 1901 Racing Hero: Occupation: Lives: Nationality: Year of Birth: About Me
1915- First Time on a Horse…. The scrap man was really pissed at me and told my Mother 1916 to 1986 - Anything that had wheels, well when they were invented that is … 1986 to 2010 - Toy car racing….. Did ok at that and tried it some more 2013 - Getting into the Big race cars and the Circuit Scene 2014 - Taking KCMS to the number 2 in the BMW Compact Cup Scottish Series  2015 - Seeing my boy win the 2015 Scottish Cup Championship was a proud moment. Landing the SMRC champion of champions icing on the cake. Shame it wasn’t recognised by some as much as previous year winners….….. 2016 - Third place in the English BMW Compact Cup for Steven, We put a pensioner on the podium in the Scottish Series, well done Ray and a class win at the Race of Remembrance to name a few of my highlights. 2017 - It will be busy… Campaigning the 2017 English Compact cup with Steven, Ru and Ray. Supporting an up an coming star, Gordie Mutch, in the JSCC and a number of endurance sessions are already planned. Oh and opening our new premises!
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